Top Five Simple Beauties of Pakistani Showbiz Industry


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We have seen many Pakistani TV Actresses who are working on our showbiz industry. some are known by thier bold and rude behaviour some are by thier bughty behaviour, some by thier looks and telent. any how we are here talking about some very simple beauties of our showbiz industry. who are no need of any kind of extra make up and treatment. they have gorgeous skin and features owesum hairs etc. we can say "fursat say banaya hai bananay walay nay". lets talk about some real beauties of our showbiz Industry. 
Simple Beauties of Pakistani Showbiz Industry No: 5
Sana Javed
Sana Javed is very young talented and beautiful actress of our Pakistani showbiz industry. we have seen in many dramas from very different TV channels. She has beautiful features, hairs and smile. we can say that she is perfect in her looks and she is extra talented actress as well. she is quite new in this industry but we can hope that she will b able to capture our TV industry soon. now a days we are seen her in KOI DEEPAK HO from Express Channel. she looks simple beautiful with or without or without make up. she is really simple beauty of our Pakistani TV industry.

Simple Beauties of Pakistani Showbiz Industry No: 4
Mawra hocane
Mawra Hocane is No:4 in our List. she is very smart beautiful and very talented girl of our Pakistani Showbiz. she is very Noughty and stylo girl of this industry  we have seen her in many dramas to play very simple and gorgeous looks without make up or very light makeup. she looks amazing in very simple looks. she is really beautiful Pakistani girl. her Recent Dramas Ahista Ahista and Maien Bushra she looks very simple and stylish as well. we can say that she is real Pakistani beauty with fresh looks and features. that is why she is in our list of five.

Simple Beauties of Pakistani Showbiz Industry No: 3
Sanam Baloch
Sanam Baloch is very well known Pakistani Actress, she is also known by her sweet and cute features, smile and perfect skin. she has done many dramas which was on aired by many different channels. we have seen one common thing in these dramas and that is just her cuteness and simplicity. specialy i have not seen her any kind of very extra make up even on her wedding. she was looking very simple and beautiful with very light Makeup and that is enhancing her beauty. she is now a days hosting a Morning show and we are seeing her fresh looks everyday on screen. she is really remarkable beauty and she is on No:3 in our list.

Simple Beauties of Pakistani Showbiz Industry No: 2
Mahira Khan
Mahira khan our Humsafar Lady. she is talented and beautiful actress and model of Pakistani Showbiz Industry. she is very well known personality of our industry and she is very successful actress of showbiz who gained this success in very short span of time. she worked in humsafar Drama by HUM TV and she won the hearts of the Audion. now a days this drama is playing in Indian channel and every Indian aoudins loved her for her acting in that drama. she is perfect package of real beauty that is why indian directors trying to cast her in their next movies. lets see what she will do fro her debut in bollywood. now a days we are seeing her in Drama serial SADQAY TUMHARAY BY HUM TV. in this drama she is looking very simple and attractive in her looks and style. for her simple and attractive features this beauty queen is in our list of five.

Simple Beauties of Pakistani Showbiz Industry No: 1
Aiza Khan
Queen of hearts Aiza Khan. she is very beautiful,talented young and energeic girl of this showbiz industry. she is really energetic and smart actresses. recentky got married to very young and teletned guy Danish Taimoor. both worked together in many dramas. she has gorgeaous smile and beautiful and lovely features. that is why every director wants to select Aiza as her lead heroine. she looks very simple in many dramas and her simplicity makes her differnet from others. we have seen her in heavy and light makeup on her wedding and she looks extra beautiful on her wedding. people love to in see her in simple looks becose she is perfect example of simple beauty.that is why she is on the top of this list of Five.
 you are not bound to agree with this list

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