Unfortunate Divorced Stories of Famous Pakistani Showbiz Stars


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Pakistani Showbiz industry is full of many stars who are divorced after very short and long term of relations. Stars's fans always wish them on their wedding to achieve success and long term period of relations. but unfortunately we are unhappy to see them divorced after very short span of time. here we are going to show you some most famous personalities of Pakistan who gets divorced and finished their relations before long term of period. 
Tennis Player stars Aisam-ul-haq got married with faha makhdum. this couple was very happy on their wedding and also people of Pakistan enjoys to watch their wedding ceremonies and pics because both were looking very beautiful and pretty on the day of wedding. nobody can guess that this wedding would finish thus belong it long. this was a rumour at one time but after short time they informed media about their divorced. reasons of divorced is private and they didn't want to open to public but people was very unhappy for this unfortunate divorced.
Shaista Waidi is very controversial lady of Pakistani TV industry. she got married with waqar wahidi and they had 15 years long term relation and 3 children form this marriage. rumours and news told us she took divorced from her husband because he was restricting her to work in showbiz. she explained her divorced many times in her morning show. she said that she is happy with her right decisions. her fans hates her to took this decision for the cheap popularity of media instead of her happy marriage life.
Arij Fatima is very Young talented girl in our Pakistani TV industry she gained popularity in very short time. she is playing lead role in several daramas. she got engaged in 2nd January 2014 and after three days she got Nikah with her husband feroz. but unfortunately she got divorced after two weeks of her Nikah. Arij said that to her fans on social media page she  would face many problems after her rukhsati and she is satisfied and comfortable after took this decision.
Sherry shah and Malik anwar awan was married for less then a month. unfortunately she got divorced from her husband as a results of fraud. he was married with another girl and have a baby also. in Maya khan show welfare worker ansar burney and maya khan played a vital role to obtaining divorced from her fraud husband in her show. 
Ainy Khalid is a singer  fame of mahiya  special. she got married with Noureed Awan.  many issues were starting in the very eraly period of their wedding. reportedly, ainy was left her mehndi function in the middle because of problems with her husband. after wedding ainny said that her husband violent beat her and threatening her and her family. Noureed Awan Accused her that she steal his 10 millions cash and 40 millions jewellery. Ainny denied this badly. this was very unfortunate and ugly divorced of this time.
Humaima Malik and Shamoon Abbassi got married in 2009 but they could not carry her mareeid life and divorced in 2011. this admired couple was  facing many problems in her wedding period reagarding humaima's interest to do leading role in films and dramas. and humayoun saeed ' scandal with humaima played role in this divorced. 


Post Updates: Click here Sana Safinaaz New collection 2018-19

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