Top 5 latest on screen couples of Pakistani TV Industry

we have watched many Dramas on TV when we switch on TV we can watch many channels and many dramas on different channels. some dramas we have just watched because of the lead characters. Drama's popularity based on the script and loving on screen couples. because they showing real chemistry on TV screen and make all things real. that is why pepole love them and want to see them again and again on TV screens. Fawad khan and Mahira from drama serail HUMSAFAR was the best on screen couple and they will be remained in everyone's heart. like this fawad and sanam Baloch in DASTAAN also rule over millions of heart for long time but now we are going to present latest on screen couples. you are not bound to agree with this list.lets have a watch on latest best on screen couples of Pakistani TV Industry.
Top 5 latest on screen couples of Pakistani TV Industry

Latest on screen couple NO:5 
Fahad Mustafa and Sanum Abdullah Farhat Ullah
Top 5 latest on screen couples of Pakistani TV Industry
Fahad Mustafa and Sanam Baloch was seen in Kankar. Kankar was very popular drama of Hum TV. Although both were separated in this drama after marriage but people love the script and on air chemistry of both actors because they look like perfect jori. on thing more both are cousins in real life. many people criticise the content of drama on based the issue of divorce. but sanam as always perform her character in very good way.

Latest on screen couple NO:4
Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed
Top 5 latest on screen couples of Pakistani TV Industry
Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed was seen your favourite Drama ZINDAGI GULZAR HAI. every one praised on screen chemistry of both actors. Zaroon and kashaf gets lot of fame and high TRP from this drama. that is why this drama creates remarkable history after HUMSAFAR and DASTAAN of fawad khan.

Latest on screen couple NO:3
Imran Abbas and Sanum Jhung
Top 5 latest on screen couples of Pakistani TV Industry
Another couple by Hum Tv SILA and ADEEL (IMRAN and SANUM) from drama sreial DIL E MUZTIR. very sweet love story of sila and adeel. every one really love the character of Sila she was very loving soft spoken lady in this Drama. they love each other in the drama both of them performed amazing chemistry on screens. no one could say sanum performing her first drama. any how no one could stop himself to praise this on screen couple.

Latest on screen couple NO:2
Hamza Ali Khan and Aiza Khan
Top 5 latest on screen couples of Pakistani TV Industry
Aiza khan and Hamza Ali playing a role in PYARAY AFZAL by ARY DIGITAL. this Drama is now on air but the fan following of both lead characters of this drama made it No 2 of our list. This Drama getting high TRP and fan following just because of some different script and loving relationship on screen.

Latest on screen couple NO:1
Sheharyar Munawar and Sajjal Ali
Top 5 latest on screen couples of Pakistani TV Industry
Shehrayar Munawar and sajjal Ali are playing role of Alaian and Qudisya in ASMANO PAY LIKHA by GEO TV. high TRP of this how and also a largest number of fan following made this jori No 1 of this list. every one love qudsiya and Aalian in this show. sajjal looking very sweet and innocent, relation in between is very loving and sweet NO 1 On screen Couple. 
 you are not bound to agree with this list


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